If I receive an offer does the buyer have to purchase my vehicle?

CarPair’s condition report relies on our inspection and your descriptions to help you get the most for your vehicle. If a vehicle’s condition does not match the condition report a buyer may choose not to complete the purchase in the rare situation where the vehicle’s condition is significantly different from the condition report and the information provided by the owner. Additional evidence of damage to the mechanics or frame may also permit a buyer to rescind their offer. If this is the case we will work with you to find an alternative buyer.

How is CarPair different from other similar services?

CarPair is your partner and advocate, not a dealer. We do not purchase cars, nor do we sell them. We are here to provide you with current market information and help you make the best decision for you and your vehicle. Because we are not a dealer or a broker, we focus on creating an opportunity for you to have the best experience when selling your car, while striving to get you the highest price the market will pay for your vehicle.

Will CarPair get me more than what I would get in trade?

Most CarPair customers receive offers that are more than the trade-in value since dealers are competing for your car on our online auction platform. As a result, your car receives multiple bids, each higher than the one before, which is a unique feature to CarPair and helps you receive the highest offer possible.

What is a reserve?

Reserve price is the minimum price you will accept for your vehicle.

Do I have to accept the highest bid?

If the highest bid exceeds your reserve price you have to accept the bid. However, if the highest bid does not meet your reserve, you will not be required to sell your vehicle to the highest bidder, but will certainly have the option of accepting highest bid the market has offered.

How do I set a reserve price?

At the start of the process, we will give you our unbiased opinion of the value of your vehicle, based on current market data and our experience selling thousands of vehicles. The inspection report greatly assists us in determining a more accurate value based on the vehicle’s documented condition. You will then be able to make an informed decision on the value of your car. In our experience, if you set the value of your car too high, we may not be able to sell your vehicle. If you set a reserve price that is supported by the information that we provide, your chances of selling your car for the best offer in our market increase dramatically.

You can change your reservation at any time by simply letting us know that you would like to do so. However, we encourage all sellers to set a realistic reserve price that is informed by real market data in order to ensure a successful process.

In which markets is CarPair's Premium available?

CarPair Premium services currently throughout Southern California, and Southern Arizona. If your vehicle is located outside this area, please connect with JusTrade as we may still be able to help. Our ongoing expansion effort may bring us to your neck of the woods sooner rather than later!

In which markets is CarPair's SELF.IE available?

CarPair Self-Inspection app can be used anywhere in the United States.

How quickly will my car sell?

The entire process generally takes about 2 business days from inspection to the winning offer. Payment will be received depending on how quickly you can coordinate delivery of the car with the purchasing dealership.

What type of cars can I sell through the auction?

We can sell many different types of vehicles. However, most of the vehicles we sell are late-model vehicles in drivable condition that do not have significant structural or body damage. Since each vehicle is unique, a JusTrade representative will discuss your vehicle’s condition and the likelihood of selling at the preferred amount at the start of the process.

Can I sell multiple cars at the same time?

Of course! CarPair can help you with as many cars as you are ready to sell. Each car is treated individually and will go through the process accordingly.

How do I get paid?

The buyer will hand over a physical check when you deliver the vehicle if sold with CarPair’s Premium Service.  Self-Inspected car transactions are all handled within the app..

How often does an auction occur?

Auctions run every business day and conclude with a winning offer.

Do I have to provide my vehicle’s VIN?

Yes. This helps us identify the Year, Make and Model of your vehicle and run historical reports such as CarFax to provide a proper evaluation during the inspection.

Once I receive the Inspection Report, am I obligated to sell the car through CarPair?

No. You’re able to sell the car on your own and use the inspection report to help facilitate that. If you are unable to sell the car on your own in a timely manner simply reach out to CarPair and we’ll post your vehicle in an auction and get you a winning bid as soon as possible.

Does CarPair publish my contact information during the auction?

No. Your contact information is private and only provided to the buyer of your car.

My vehicle has a salvage title can you still help?

Currently at this time CarPair is unable to sell vehicles with salvage titles. If you are looking for this service, send us a note.

I have a loan on my vehicle, can I still sell through CarPair?

Yes. CarPair and the buyer will help you navigate the loan payoff process.


Still Have Questions?

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